Outdoor portable soft cold pack - essential equipment for moms carrying milk and parent-child picnics, refrigerated and insulated

- 2023-11-27-

After becoming a mother, what I am most afraid of is actually going on a long journey, especially when breastfeeding my child. Because as long as you travel far away, it will involve carrying milk for your child.

However, the storage of breast milk is also a headache for mothers. Due to mixing and high temperature, both involve issues that affect the taste and quality of breast milk.

So, it is necessary to have a portable and safe storage space that can independently ensure low temperature. After all, it involves the issue of children's food rations, which must be taken seriously.

After some selection, I have chosen a suitable outdoor portable soft cold pack that can be used specifically to help preserve children's breast milk, ensure that children eat breast milk healthily, and it is particularly convenient and practical to use.