What are the uses and advantages of a roof luggage compartment?

- 2023-12-29-

It is generally used to expand the capacity of a car, to meet the needs of insufficient trunk and luggage, and is mostly used to carry more self driving equipment, luggage, etc. Some people install it to make the car more beautiful and personalized.

1、 Not all items are suitable to be placed inside the car, such as various equipment and protective gear when going out. If they must be placed inside the car, it may take up a lot of space, be not conducive to car cleaning, and even become a safety hazard.

2、 People who enjoy outdoor activities, camping, exploration, and pure exercise always have a large amount of personal equipment.

3、 Some group activities often involve multiple passengers in the car when going out, and the remaining space cannot accommodate equipment for a few people.

4、 To expand the interior space of a vehicle, it is better to use a cleverly designed, large capacity, and easy to load roof box instead of buying a larger car.

5、 The roof luggage compartment can be said to be a roof mounted equipment that integrates the roof frame, luggage net, and rainproof bag.

6、 The roof luggage compartment adopts a streamlined design, with relatively low wind resistance and noise.

7、 The anti-theft performance of the roof luggage compartment is much higher than that of other equipped equipment.

8、 The volume of the roof trunk is generally between 300L-500L, which can be selected according to personal needs, and the fixation of the roof trunk is particularly simple.

9、 The installation of the roof box on any car can serve as a decorative effect, which is also one of the reasons why many modification enthusiasts like it.